At Keep Education, we want to help our staff get the best possible job. This means helping you to show the best of your skills and experience at every stage of application. Whether you’re registered with us for temporary work or interested in a permanent role, we’d like to offer you some best-practice guidance on CV writing.

Keep Education Guidance on CV Writing

Providing our consultants with a thorough and complete account of your work history is the best way of helping us to help you get more work. Sending us an updated version regularly is really useful. So what do we look for in a CV? It’s crucial to present it in a clear and readable manner, for example using bullet points and clear paragraph breaks. However you design your CV, including all the following points will automatically make it outstanding.

  • Name and contact details
  • Your personal profile: a quick summary of your career goals and philosophy, and any achievements you’d like to highlight such as a leadership role you’ve enjoyed or a pupil you’ve helped exceed expectations.
  • Relevant qualifications and academic history. The most recent or highest level of qualification should be listed first. Please include the awarding institution (e.g. University of Bedfordshire), the dates of the course (the year and/or month), as well as the name of the qualification. Feel free to also list any especially relevant modules taken as part of a degree.
  • Relevant work experience. This will include all experience of working in educational settings. The most recent work should be listed first. Please include the place of work (the school or company you were employed by or volunteered at, and the name of the city or town where your employer was based), approximate dates of employment (year and/or month), and your job title. To help us advertise your skills and experience more effectively, please also provide a brief summary of your duties or skills you developed in each role. This information gives us a better sense of your exact expertise and your knowledge about your field. Every school is different, and they like to know that their teachers are individuals as well.
  • Explain any gaps in your experience, i.e. career breaks or employment in other sectors. Provide dates, as well as the place of work and job title, if relevant.
  • Any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, such as Child Protection, Paediatric First Aid, etc, including the date and course provider.
  • Above all, make sure your CV is easy to read and well organised.