If you are looking for a new Permanent Teaching Job, we can help. As well as working extensively with supply contracts, Keep Education are experts in matching schools and teachers in direct employment. Whatever your level of experience, we are interested in hearing from teachers and support staff who are looking for a new permanent role.

It’s easy to get started. Just give us a call or send your CV and let us know your goals and expectations. To arrange interviews for you, we would like to have a good understanding of your skills and what you can offer to schools so that we can present you favourably to potential employers.

We like to establish frequent contact, even if you aren’t registered with us, as it’s important for us to know what you’re like in person as well as on paper; we also want you to know we’re working on your case and constantly recommending you for the sort of role you’re looking for.

As well as helping you in your jobsearch, we are also happy to provide complimentary interview and CV advice to help you land your dream job as well as find it.