What’s it like?

If you have never worked on supply before, it may be useful to have a clear idea of what to expect. There are many different reasons you may be considering working as a supply teacher:

  • Looking for long term contracts, filling the gaps between permanent teaching roles
  • Gaining experience in different schools to improve your skillset and CV
  • Getting to know the schools in your area, to find one to settle into a permanent role
  • Preferring part time work, due to childcare, health, or lifestyle reasons
  • After retirement, earning a little extra and supporting local schools

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and look at what you can offer schools. Supply work is very flexible, and depending on how frequently you plan to work, there will be the option of working:

  • At specific schools, types of school, and locations
  • Part time and full time
  • In specific Year Groups or Subject areas

What we offer

Whether we place you in a long term role or call regularly with day-to-day work, we consider all of our staff part of the team. To show our appreciation, we offer:

  • Our personalised jobhunting service
  • Free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses
  • A referral scheme, offering £300 if you recommend a Qualified Teacher who works 10 days for us
  • Social events such as our Summer BBQ for our teachers and clients
  • Gifts including academic diaries, to help you plan your work
  • Career and CV guidance from our specialist consultants
  • Point you to resources to help with lesson planning and presentation

What we need

When you are registered with us, we will contact you with any suitable work based on your goals and experience. What we ask is that once you accept a booking, you:

  • Give it your best! If you’ve agreed to work beyond your main area of expertise there’s sure to be a learning curve. We’ll support you as much as possible, but it’s up to you to make it work in the classroom.
  • Familiarise yourself with each school’s policies, especially those relating to discipline, child protection, and marking. Every school functions differently, and it is important for children to have a consistent and safe education.
  • Complete planning and marking, if agreed for the job. Most long term roles will include full planning and marking duties, and most day-to-day work will involve marking as standard.
  • Keep up to date on changes to the National Curriculum and your CPD training. Especially if you are working on supply for a long period, you’re still a teacher and having up-to-date knowledge will make it easier for you to fit in at your next school.
  • If you work through us, we ask you to be an ambassador for Keep Education by maintaining a high standard of conduct on every assignment, behaving courteously to our clients and helping as much as you feel able. Ensure a timely arrival for all assignments and alert us to any lateness or unavoidable cancellations.

If you would like more information on supply teaching, Keep Education, or the permanent roles we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.