Secondary school teaching is dynamic, challenging and rewarding. But finding the right match when it comes to staff can unify division, help struggling students find their path, and enhance the culture and environment of a school.

For secondary school teachers wanting to work with us, we are looking for Key Stage 3&4 teachers of any subject to register with a minimum qualification of PGCE or equivalent. But we do understand that there are different routes into teaching, so we're happy to discuss the appropriateness of other qualifications you hold for our vacancies.

For our registered schools, we feature secondary teachers and consultants to help local settings thrive. We understand that cultural and academic nuances can become even more prevalent at secondary stage, so we place a great emphasis on understanding these before bringing an individual on board.

We will present you with as much information about a prospective booking as we possibly can, including the highly competitive rates we offer which are discussed with you in full before securing a booking.

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