Like all students, children with special educational needs and disabilities cannot be met with a one size fits all approach. This is why we’ve focused on developing our offering to deliver the most personalised experience for both settings and staff.

Our personalised approach means we focus on the specific needs of SEND pupils and educational settings, discussing roles and assignments in great depth to achieve the best outcomes for students and schools.

SEND students should feel safe, comfortable, and free to explore their strengths in the surroundings of adults who support them and nurture them. We make sure to uncover our teachers’ skills and experience relevant to Learning Difficulties, Medical Needs, Cognitive, Social, and Behavioural conditions of all kinds. This helps us keep our approach inclusive, open-minded and tailored.

If you are looking for a new role or additional support in SEND, our specialist consultants are ready to discuss your specific needs and the opportunities available.

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